Infrastructure Optimization

Single point of ownership and unified support for applications and infrastructure. The key to managing your IT is to have a single point of ownership and appropriate mapping of both applications and infrastructure – also called Applistructure. Without this, it is virtually impossible to determine the source of the problem and the way in which to fix it.

At RN IT, we bring Infrastructure Management (a business perspective to technology) and Technical Support (a technology perspective to the enterprise) together, to give you unified support and quick resolution. Our experience, led by our CIO-model of service delivery, combines Data Center management, Infrastructure Management, End-User Computing Services and IT Application Management. The combination results in delivery of proactive and managed Applistructure for all round operations support.

To achieve optimal performance of your IT environment - both traditional and new age - you need an infrastructure management solution that enables a holistic view of infrastructure and applications as a single, seamless entity. This is where our Applistructure approach forms the crux of your operations. We assume complete ownership of your IT Infrastructure, Applications and Operations, even as you retain control and focus on the following:

  • Predictability in cost of operations and defined controls
  • End-Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and People (IT Staff) Satisfaction (PSAT or ESAT)
  • Availability and performance of Infrastructure and Applications
  • Capacity planning to meet the growing demands of business
  • Efficient IT operations including business reporting to demonstrate continuous improvement
  • Transforming business through technological advancements


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